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Work Based Learning Dissertation Proposal

“What roles and responsibilities are required to be a successful administrator for a small scale dance company in the current dance industry?”

My research abstract is to determine the roles and responsibilities required to be an effective and valuable administrator in a small scale dance company. I will use a qualitative research strategy with methodologies comprising of a dance company questionnaire and interviews with ex-students who are currently working in administration. There are limited resources for me to back up my research with therefore I am reading outdated academia and using my experiences as a current dance administrator to reflect on theories and practices. If you would like to read more about my disseration see below.

Overall purpose of research
• To establish the roles and responsibilities needed for a dance administrator to be successful within their position.

• To analyse the roles and responsibilities of a dance administrator in a small scale dance company.
• To develop a new understanding of a dance administrator in the 21st century.
• To gather relevant literature to understand the background of dance administration.
• To understand how a small scale dance company perceives the role of an administrator.

How will I do this?
I will use a postpositivist paradigmatic framework with a qualitative approach which will comprise of semi-structured interviews with small scale dance company administrators and questionnaires with a variety of artists in the small scale dance sector. My research will conclude with a written paper which will discuss my theories, practices and research evidence to summarise the answer to my question.

The decided key methodology in my research is semi-sturctured interviews as they provide an insight into the current working industry, enabling my research findings to be more feasible. The current findings have provided shared experiences from a JMUpstart Dance Company graduate on the roles and responsibilities of administration in the 21st century and feature a comparison of administrating independently and for a small scale company. My full proposal (including the aforementioned interview) is below.

Research Proposal: Emma Bentley